What are the festival sections?



Since #rp22, the programme is divided into four festival sections, where you can submit in Conference, Hands On and Off Stage. One submission is possible per section:


The re:publica conference programme includes everything that takes place on our stages: from panel discussions and talks, to interviews and fireside chats, to readings, lecture performances and much more.


Whether it's a hardware or normal workshop, free tinkering, tinkering, gardening with robots, live biohacking or a TikTok dance tutorial: all sessions related to making and learning will find their place in the "Hands On" program. The contributions can be 60 minutes, 90 minutes or 120 minutes long (in exceptional cases even longer).


Flashmob, field test, installation, exhibition, concert, pop-up happening, science talk & walk, thematic guided tours, small or large artwork, augmented reality applications, games, water ballet and whatever else you can think of to occupy the #rp23 site and help shape our Off Stage program - artistic, activist, scientific, technological, informative.

NIGHTLIFE (will not be advertised separately to the CfP).

What would a festival be without music, dancing and partying? We turn the night into day! We are looking forward to musicians*, Dj-sets, karaoke organizers*, wrestlers*, musical producers* and everyone who wants to celebrate #rp23 with our participants* and their contributions.