What distinguishes a good session?

At re:publica, we actively want to counteract unequal social power relations. It is therefore very important to us to provide space for different perspectives that value and consciously promote human diversity as a social potential. Therefore, we put a lot of emphasis on gender balance in the sessions and also hope to offer a stage to perspectives of people from different backgrounds, ages, religions and worldviews, sexual orientations and people with disabilities. Depending on the situation and context, other dimensions of diversity may also be significant, for example education, social status, marital status and income. Furthermore, we want to represent the broad democratic spectrum, but we reject any inclusions towards group-related misanthropy.

Your session should also convince with a clear, original idea, a good thematic classification and a consistent concept. And by concise formulations.

For example, "How surgeons train difficult operations in virtual reality" is better than "Virtual reality as a training tool.

And: If you are planning a special session format, please tell us briefly what exactly you plan to do or which methods you will use. Of course, it's also great if your submission is based on our theme.

The programme team, our experts from the track teams who evaluate your contribution, and the participants of re:publica want captivating and profound content that deals with the challenges and possible solutions of our digital society. Marketing pitches masquerading as informative sessions have no place in our programme.

You can find some good examples on the website of re:publica 2022, which was themed "Anyway the wind blows".