Will there be ticket discounts for small NGOs and non-profit organisations?

Yes! We offer discounts for small NGOs and non-profit organisations!

Number of tickets Discount
1 - 9 10%*
10 - 49 10%
50 - 99 20%
100 - 499 30%
500 - 999 40%
1000+ 50%

*For NGOs and non-profit organisations only.

Checklist for claiming the discount:

  • Your NGO or non-profit organization has less than 20 full-time employees? ✓
  • You are a full-time or full-time employee of the NGO or nonprofit organization? ✓
  • You want to buy less than 10 tickets? ✓

  Yes, all three of these points apply!

If you are a part-time or volunteer employee of an NGO or nonprofit organization, or if your NGO/NPO has more than 20 full-time employees, please ask by email whether you are eligible to take the offer.

Note: Not all NGOs and non-profit organisations are eligible for this offer. We reserve the right to review ticket orders.