Steven Macharia
Director and Biomedical Informatics Specialist

Steven is a specialist in applied digital health interventions driven by a deep passion to improve the quality of people's health, and zero down unwanted deaths due to preventable or curable diseases and conditions. The core of his professional experience has been accumulated in Sub-Sahara Africa and well complemented with regional and global public health informatics work. He posses graduate level (Masters degree) education in software engineering with a major focus on public health informatics.  His notable achievements include leading a competent team to implement an open source electronic medical records system (KenyaEMR) in over 320 public health facilities in Kenya, establishment of a vibrant and robust community of practice built around OpenMRS in Kenya, founding the first ever professional health informatics association in Kenya ( As a co-founder and Informatics Director of a leading digital health technology firm based out of Nairobi, IntelliSOFT Consulting Limited, he has consistently provided technical leadership and direction on all the informatics projects ( the firm has undertaken. Regionally and globally, he continues to work in the entire East Africa Community, Zambia, Sierraleone, Uganda, Mozambique assessing, designing, developing and implementing cutting edge digital health solutions with leading global health informatics organisations from WHO, University of Washington, PATH, MSH, RTI, GIZ, OpenMRS, OpenHIE, and many others. He serves and contributes technically on global initiatives like the Digital Health and Interoperability Working Group of the Health Data Collaboratives. 

Steven envisions a world where quality, health data will not only play a significant role in improving access, reduce cost and contribute to improve quality of healthcare, but that consumers of health services will be fully in control of their health data.