Maren Demant
Immersive Experience Designer

Maren Demant is an Immersive Experience Designer. After she graduated from Berlin University of Applied Science Art & Design with a VR project in 2015 she is involved in various immersive projects. Her focus is on the merge of the physical and virtual space and therefore location-based experiences. Her graduation project Sinking VR got finalist in the Unity Vision Awards 2016. She cofounded trix in 2016. Their work merges immersive theatre with VR and became Kultur - und Kreativpiloten 2016. The VR installation in The Haus - Berlin Art Bang for the NGO International Justice Mission can be experienced to mid 2017. Her feelings towards VR is to be an explorer of an unbeaten path. She translates long-established storytelling guidelines from still and moving picture, games and theatre and applies unconventional strategies to the emerging medium. She is confident that with immersion, storytelling needs to be redefined to storyliving and truely is an interdisciplinary artform. Therefore she teams up with creatives from all fields to develop and produce experiences. An upcoming project with cofounded Invisible Room is a walkable and multisensory VR Experience in cooperation with the Berlin company Illusion Walk.