Ramy Raoof
OnTheRocks: Tech+Privacy+Security

In May 2016 Ramy received the international Bobs Award - Best of Online Activism by people's vote in recognition for his work in digital security and privacy. In January 2016, he was named in the World Top 100 Info Security Influencers list by CISO Platform in India. In 2012, he was ranked number 10 by the Newsweek Magazine in the Revolutionaries list of the Digital Power Index, after being ranked number 14 by Forbes Middle East in Top 100 Arab Presence on Twitter a year earlier. Ramy interacts with a wide spectrum ranging from NGOs, journalists, lawyers, politicians and artists on the intersection of tech and social causes such as privacy, by devoting his skills as a techie. He conducts research into surveillance and privacy, and has passion for free/open source. In the course of his work, he provided and developed digital security plans and strategies for NGOs and members of the media, emergency response in cases of physical threats, support on publishing sensitive materials, secure systems for managing sensitive information, and developed operational plans for human rights emergency response teams, in Egypt and MENA region. Ramy develop privacy protocols and in his research he focuses on surveillance patterns and holistic privacy