Miriam Aced

Miriam Aced is a researcher and educator. Her research interests include elections, citizenship, identity, migration & asylum, racism and intersectionality, particularly in and around academia. She is currently coordinator of an anti-discrimination project focusing on racism and classism in access to education and work. She is also sub-managing editor of the journal Refugee Review. She started Migration Voter along with Christina Lee at the end of 2016. After having studied and worked in the field of migration for a number of years, her and Lee got increasingly frustrated by seeing news reports either get it wrong or muddy the waters with vague and confusing information when discussing migration and asylum. It used to be a pet peeve, but since these issues have moved into the center of many countries’ political debates, it’s become imperative that the public knows what it’s talking about when it talks about migrants and refugees. The Migration Voter site is determined to give accurate, well-sourced information and analysis about elections and migration - so people can make informed decisions and not get taken in by rhetoric that seeks to conflate or confuse.