Joanne Pransky

Dubbed as the ‘real Susan Calvin’ by Isaac Asimov, Joanne Pransky, the World’s First Robotic Psychiatrist®, prepares the world for living and working with robots with industry expertise and humor.  Joanne is a world-recognized expert in robotics with 30+ years of proven success in promoting robotics products, solutions, and service.  She was the senior sales and marketing executive for a major industrial robot manufacturer, an official judge on Comedy Central’s BattleBots, and has been an associate editor for Industrial Robot Journal for the past 25 years. Joanne was one of the co-founders and marketing director of the first medical robotics journal, The International Journal of Medical Robotics and Computer Assisted Surgery. Joanne has consulted for some of the industry’s top robotic and entertainment organizations including: Robotic Industries Association, Motoman, Staubli, KUKA Robotics, STRobotics, DreamWorks, Warner Bros., as well as for Summit Entertainment’s film “Ender’s Game” in which she brought never-seen-before medical robots to the big screen.  Joanne has appeared on numerous television and radio shows to discuss the emotional aspects and psychological implications of a robotic society.  She also speaks and writes on this topic nationally and internationally.