Uros Krcadinac
Adjunct Professor

Uros Krcadinac (PhD) is an adjunct professor of digital art and interactive storytelling at the Faculty of Media and Communications, Singidunum University, Belgrade, Serbia, as well as a data visualization lecturer at the University of Belgrade, Serbia. With formal background in information technology and digital media, and informal background in visual arts, literature, illustration, animation, and film, Uros's long-term objective is to bring close together ideas from these diverse creative disciplines. His current professional and personal interests include cross-media storytelling, data visualization, information design, digital publishing, and semantic technologies – in terms of development, production, teaching, and research. He is deeply interested in technology as a language, not as a utilitarian tool. His projects include "Bantustan", an infographic travel novel published as an interactive book, as well as "Synesketch", an open-source software for textual emotion recognition and artistic visualization. His work was recognized by international festivals and conferences such as iDMAa, scientific journals such as IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems and the IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing, magazines such as Creative Review, Infosthetics.com, and VisualComplexity.com, and publishers such as Princeton University Press.