Panagiotis Palantas
Interactive Developer

Panagiotis holds a bachelor degree in Applied Informatics and Multimedia from the Technological Educational Institution of Crete (TEI). Later he moved to France where he earned his Master degree in Computer Vision from the University of Bourgogne at 2015 and after a short time he returned back to Greece in order to finish a second master in Applied Informatics and Multimedia held by TEI of Crete. In 2010 he founded, along with George Palamas, the creative technology agency Artefact at Thessaloniki. Since then, he works as an interactive developer bringing life to interfaces that enable Human <-> Computer interaction in a wide range of projects. His past work experience includes teaching Robotics and Computer Graphics at TEI of Crete, system and network administration at the Wind Energy Laboratory at TEI of Crete and software engineering on augmented reality mobile applications for the First Quarter Company Ltd.


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