Olympia Datsi
Youth Trainer & Mentor

Olympia Datsi works as freelance youth trainer and mentor in various international mobility projects which are organized by foundations, institutions, NGOs and initiatives. The topics she deals with are human rights, new media, active citizenship and creativity. Her educational background refers to Music, Landscape Architecture and Interior Design. She is owner of diplomas of Music Harmony, Counterpoint and Orchestration. She is co-founder of the Creativity Platform, a non-profit scheme, seeking to function as an interdisciplinary platform related to the “creative capital”; the youth trainer of the placemaking project “Tópio - Creative Placemaking for Young Community Leaders ”. Moreover, she was the trainer and coordinator for the volunteers of the European Youth Capital - Thessaloniki 2014. Since years she gets involved either professionally either voluntarily in global sports events, film and music festivals, biennale, exhibitions and contests. She loves watching theatre performances, reading books, travelling, learning new things and meeting people.