Wilhelm Oddo
Executive Director
Wilhelm Oddo

Wilhelm Caspar Oddo is a serial Entrepreneur with a passion for education, Children, and Youth. In love with Environment, Health & Humanity. He started NLab Innovation Academy which is a skills building project intended to bridge the digital divide, eliminate social exclusion, promote independent living, enhance social, educational and employment opportunities for young people of all abilities and gender. His big dream is to build an innovative and creative generation of young people who are solving community challenges.

 Wilhelm co-founded Ushauri Accelelator (www.ushauri.africa) which is a virtual mentoring platform for youth in East Africa to connect to business mentors to help them grow their startups/innovations. He also Co – founded NiwezesheKiELimu ( Community Hotspot for Education purpose), He is a 2015 Ambassador for United Republic Of Tanzania at One Young World, Mandela Washington Fellow (2018), YALI East Africa Fellow (2016), Currently, Program Coordinator and Mentor at Apps and Girls Foundation.


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