Alexander Lehmann

Alexander Lehmann (born in Hamm Germany, 1984) entered the world of design as a Leveldesigner and Modeler for games. After working as a professional freelancer for various Videogames (Epicgames: Unreal Tournament 2004, Crytek: Crysis) and after finishing his apprenticeship as a Design Assistant his interest shifted to shortfilms and musicvideos. In 2005 he began to study at the university of applied sciences in Kaiserslautern which he finished with a Bachelor Degree in 'virtual design'. In 2009 he worked as a digital artist at ImageEngine on “District 9”. Since 2009 he works as a freelance filmmaker, directing and animating musicvideos and shortfilms.   Alexander Lehmann is a speaker @ MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin  Find out more on Twitter: @ MCBERLIN15 / #mcb15