Jan von Meppen

I’ve always disliked school. I quickly became a master at avoiding classes with the exception of those attended by girls I liked and subjects I enjoyed. In any case, I received spectacularly bad grades and in the end I admitted defeat, dropped out and became a musician. A few years later, (through divine intervention or cosmic irony depending how you look at it) I was admitted to the University of Oxford, where I studied philosophy. After I discovered that nobody wanted to pay me for thinking, I took a job at Harley-Davidson. Flushed with funds and bored with motorbikes, I set out on a glamorous new career as a film producer in America. There, I produced some spectacularly unsuccessful films before I discovered an enthralling new trend: "Transmedia". I became fascinated with ARGs and their novel approach to audience engagement. I absorbed everything I could find on the subject. Back in Europe, whilst working on a VOD platform I started experimenting with ARGs in schools. Ironically, these experiments were successful and what I learned I would like to share with you.