Hakim George Hakim Hegily

Hakim George Hakim Hegily is a freelance journalist and social media activist, working passionately to help support the  people of South Sudan to build a nation of peace, equality, coexistence and pride. Being the principal manager of the largest online South Sudanese youth community, Hakim has personally experienced the power of social media for change and impact at the grass roots level in his country. Hakim is committed to seeing journalism and social media in South Sudan being used for positive change, and works to serve and support people directly in doing so. As a freelance correspondent he collaborates with major media outlets including Thompson Reuters, Al Jazeera and Ebony TV. His interests in local, national and international politics, conflict resolution and dialogue provide him with the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to make his greatest motivation a reality. Since the outbreak of conflict in December 2013, Hakim has been travelling to the some of the most conflict affected areas of the country, including Bentui and Malakal to document the conditions of local citizens in order to share accurate and reliable information with the global community. In collaboration with the Berlin-based 'r0g_agency for open culture and critical transformation' #DefyHateNow initiative Hakim is helping to develop and implement strategies to actively counter the forms of directed online incitement to violence that are exacerbating the return of peace to South Sudan.