Christiane Hütter

Christiane Hütter/ Frau Hue explores, questions and (re)invents systems with the means of art, game design and storytelling - using social cooperation.  Playful settings can enable interdisciplinary exchange (between science, art, public and politics) and creative collaboration. Christiane Hütter’s works cover a wide range of formats from urban games over fictive organizations over citywide festivals over playful settings for urban participation. From “free art” to client focused design.  Christiane Hütter studied scriptwriting and holds a diploma in psychology (thesis “Press play for PTSD prevention”) Besides writing a crime series episode “Tatort (Heimatfront, 2011)” about traumatized Afghanistan soldiers and working as lead writer for the interdisciplinary research institute Climate Media Factory she has been designing games since 2010. Since 2010 she is a core member of  the network Invisible Playground and designs urban games and playful experiences all over the world with a focus on new relations between cities and society. In 2014 she co-founded the Society for Cultural Optimism that designs speculative, game-like structures that engage people in meaningful discourse on current social and political topics in interconnected systems.  As individual artist, Christiane Hütter creates performative settings, e.g. „Wurst part of me“ where people were invited to cook and eat a blood sausage out of their own blood. Beyond, she is breeding an egg since 2011 (, an ongoing play-driven experiment about future social parentship.  Christiane Hütter teaches regularly at film/art/game universities and gives dramaturgical advisory. She also consults institutions concerning play and participation.