Mayya Saliba

Mayya Saliba is a Belgian-Lebanese designer with a background in Fashion design (ESMOD Beirut, 2006) and Graphic design & Communication (L.U., 2011). Based on her aspiration for sustainable expansion, Mayya went to obtain a Masters Degree in “Sustainability in Fashion” (2015) from ESMOD Berlin. Her thesis “Sustainability and other stories” examines how circular economy could be a solution for the paradox of fast fashion and sustainability by being induced, opening the way to democratic sustainability. The study discusses the political role of design and explores the link between consumption, human behavior and social pressure in a globalized world. With the support of 4 companies, Mayya developed a capsule collection tackling different levels of circular economy that can be implemented into high street. Mayya was invited to the AFA Symposium to present her critical study “Capitalism and sustainability: A mass seduction” (May 2015). The project featured in various articles, exhibitions and was presented at the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Develoment in March 2016. It was on stage at the Greenshowroom during Berlin Fashion Week AW16.While she is currently an active part of the OSCEdays Circular Textile Challenges Berlin, Mayya recently designed “Beyrouth”, a zero-waste pineapple leather shoulder piece collection.