Jay Hauben

Jay Hauben has studied the history and development of the Internet and related topics for the last 25 years. He has taught, led workshops and presented papers tracing the technological threads and social and political components of that development. He has followed the netizen movements in S. Korea and China since 2004. He occasionally wrote forthe online newspaper OhmyNews International. His work has appeared in *Computer Pioneers*, *The Encyclopedia of Computers and Computer History*, *The Amateur Computerist*, and two books in Germany. He has made presentations based on his research at conferences in Berlin, Seoul, Potsdam, Beijing, Tunis, Lappeenranta, New York and Maastricht. He has been an editor of the Amateur Computerist since 1990. His journalism includes articles documenting the first email message sent from China to the international email CSNet in September 1987. He has written on the history of the immediate post WWII period in Korea. Jay holds a Masters degree from Harvard University and worked for fifteen years as a network administrator in the Libraries of Columbia University in New York City before retiring in 2009. He is a member of the Mercurians association for historians of communication technology almost from its beginning. His email address is hauben@columbia.edu.