Ronda Hauben
Blog Columnist

Ronda Hauben is a journalist and researcher. She covers the United Nations and UN related issues on her blog at, the online web site for Die Tageszeitung newspaper. In 2008 she was the recipient of the Silver, Elizabeth Neuffer Memorial Prize for Excellence in Journalism in written media (including online media) for her coverage of the UN and its agencies. She has given invited talks in Europe, North America, Africa, China and the ROK. She is co-author with Michael Hauben of the book Netizens: On the History and Impact of the Usenet and the Internet published by the IEEE Computer Society Press. She holds an MA degree from Tufts University and is a founding editor of the Amateur Computerist Newsletter. Her research interests include the history of the science and technology of the Internet, the emergence and development of Netizens and the potential of the Internet, interactive computer-communications and participatory online processes. Ronda wrote for Telepolis beginning in 1998 and for OhmyNews 2004-2010. She is interested in the impact the Internet and netizens can make in transforming our society. In her blog she focuses on the potential of the Net and netizens to make possible a new, more inclusive and more accurate form of journalism, which she calls “netizen journalism.” Ronda is currently working on a new book tentatively titled "Models for Participartory Democracy In the Era of the Netizen".