Brainstorming on our re:boat

From Thessaloniki’s point of view, how can the creative scenes of the different Mediterranean countries better network with one another? That was the initial question which the re:publica participants discussed during a boat trip around the port of Thessaloniki.


Cultural event manager Matoula Koutsari headed the session on the boat along with Frank Klaffs, CEO of Piranha Arts. Another guest on board was Spiros Pengas, Deputy Mayor for tourism development and international relations in Thessaloniki.

Pengas sees Thessaloniki at a crossroads, but one thing is for sure as far as he’s concerned: The city can’t go back to a politics of seclusion. The aim needs to be to integrate Thessaloniki into the creative and cultural developments within Europe. Another challenge that was discussed by the participants is the financing for creative projects in the city.

There will be another boat trip on 12 September at 6:45 pm, right on time to catch the sunset.