Call for Participation: Shape Your #rp18!

You all know: since its inception, the idea of participation, sharing and passing on knowledge has been an essential component of the re:publica. You are a part of the greater whole: as an actively discussing and debating audience, as helpers and, above all: as speakers!

We curate a good third of re:publica’s remarkable programme out of your submissions from the Call for Participation. The re:publica is only as good and exciting as your contributions. So it’s not without reason that our event has grown into Europe’s most colourful, inspiring and wildest conference on digital society over the last ten years.


Go for it and share your ideas with everyone! For example, why not look for inspiration in our motto for 2018: POP. We’re going to be popping filter bubbles, stepping out into the public and making net culture and politics tangible for everyone. We have lots of exciting Tracks on offer that can be home to any and all imaginable topics, for example Politics & Society, Research & Education, Media & Journalism, Art & Culture, Science & Technology, Business & Innovation and Mobility & City. re:publica offers you so many compatible, interesting areas to engage with: Fashion, Music, Law Lab, re:health, re:learn and many more. Not to forget the Global Innovation Gathering (GIG), We Can Work It Out (Science Year 2018) and the MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin (2 to 4 May 2018). Let yourselves be inspired by the many videos from #rp17. The #rp17 programme gives you a good overview of the range of topics on offer.

What we’re looking for:

Be brave and daring, surprise us with your crazy ideas, visions and projects! Whether it’s a talk, panel discussion, workshop, an activity or whatever you can imagine it to be – be just as creative with the formats. We only have one condition: don’t be boring! Write us in German or in English and please remember to keep diversity and gender balance in mind. 50 percent of the speakers on stage should be female (this does not include the hosting of the session).

What we offer:

A stage for your session and the undivided attention of very many interested visitors – including afterwards on YouTube. Join in when over 9,000 visitors from all over the world come together at the STATION Berlin from 2 to 4 May 2018. We won’t be able to pay you a fee or cover travel and accommodation costs, but you will receive a three day ticket for all re:publica 2018 events and tasty catering on the day of your session … you’ll definitely be having lots of fun!

Until when?

The deadline for your submissions is 7 January 2018 at 11:59 pm. After that, we’re done!


Read up on all the important points and everything else you need to know on the Call for Participation page with the FAQs, including the guidelines.