Designing #rpTEN: The Trailer is Here!

re:publica's birthday bash is nearly here! The party is going to be phenomenal and, of course, the décor will be absolutely fitting. In other words, we've been thinking long and hard about the #rpTEN design. The design and the architecture have always had an important position – last year's airport style of Finding Europe or the creative wilderness of the forest for 2014's INTO THE WILD. Rest assured, the 10th anniversary edition is going to look spectacular!

To raise the level of excitement even more, we'd like to present you with the brand new #rpTEN trailer. The JUTOJO production has an air of mystery, echoing voices of past conference speakers, such as the sociologist and philosopher Zygmunt Bauman, the former EU commissioner for digital affairs Neelie Kroes and the cultural scientist Mercedes Bunz. Reflective surfaces move and push against themselves and form prisms and kaleidoscope-like reflections.


The trailer was filmed on a set featuring mirrors, motors and projections and make the most important #rpTEN dates and information come to life. The elements influence each other, fill the space and reflect upon each other – a symbolism for the numerous opinions and characters found at re:publica.

[caption]Making Of #rpTEN TrailerMaking Of #rpTEN Trailer[/caption]

The distinctive statements from past years sweep through the space (Sound: Ville Haimala), creating a visual and audible cacophony!


Mirrors and reflections have always been a re:publica guiding principle. The lines between people on stage and those watching are fluid, interaction is reflection and communication. It is this exchange by all on all which enables holistic understanding.

The themes of mirroring and reflection were created by fertig design for the rpTEN design concept and is represented by mirrored surfaces, reflective worlds and the minimalist TEN / NET logo. We also asked you all to submit photos of yourselves for our website – submissions are still open, by the way. Show us what you look like in front of your computer and webcam. The photos serves as our website background images, rotating at random. This way, visitors will meet digital versions of re:publica fans, reflected on their screens, creating virtual communities. This line of thought continues in our print materials, our flyers and stickers are printed on reflective materials, allowing the viewer to frame themselves in a minimalist environment.

[caption]#rpTEN Sticker & Flyer TEN - NET#rpTEN Sticker & Flyer[/caption]

Finally, our theme of reflection can also be worn! You might have already seen the awesome fan t-shirts in our shop. This year, they are plain black with a silvery, reflective surface on the chest, which mirror the light and outlines of the person standing in front of you.

You'll have noticed, the coming festivities will be glamorous and wonderful! We're really looking forward to welcoming you all to our birthday party!

Visual Identity + Art Direction: fertig design
Video: JUTOJO / Sound: Ville Haimala