Gia sou Thessaloniki! A Sneak Peek at the re:publica Thessaloniki programme

We already shared some of the highlights that await you in Dublin, the first station of our re:publica class trip. And now we will be moving further south, to the port of Thessaloniki! So be sure to pack your sunglasses and bathing suits.

Ready? Then let's get started with our Sneak Peek for #rpTHE – the first talks from our Call are already confirmed!

Media & Journalism: What does the media industry look like in (Eastern) Europe? This is the core topic of the panel “The Great Wall”, highlighting different perspectives from Eastern Europe, and hosted by German-Croatian journalist Ariana Zustra.   

Gamification: Using simple building blocks to visualize ideas and better understand abstract concepts and strategies? This is exactly what awaits you in the “Build your future with Lego” workshop by Vasilis Gkogkidis, a speaker, designer and Gamification trainer from Thessaloniki. What's more, in his gamification talk,  Altug Yilmaz will speak about how to use the addictive effect of many games for the improvement of society. 

Data VisualizationUros Krcadinac and Isidora Nikolic from Serbia have something prepared for us on the subject. In their talk, “Physical Data Visualization As Experience Design”, they connect Big Data and Design by using physical objects as a new way of representing different datasets.

Awareness Walk: A city lives through its stories – and in a place like Thessaloniki with a 2300-year history, there should be quite a few. But how can you make a city future-proof? This is where  “Resilient Thessaloniki” comes in, bringing you deeper insights on a special city tour with Aphrodite Bouikidis.

You have an exciting idea as well, and want to host a meet-up, project, safari, hackathon or workshop? There is still time until July 16, 2017! And don't worry, of course you can expect more updates on the programme and party in the next few weeks. Stay tuned! 

Photo credit: re:publica/Jan Michalko (CC BY-SA 2.0)