And Here We Go! Ticket Sales for re:publica 2018 Start: Today!

On your mark, get set, go! As with every year, there’s one date that’s especially important for all our visitors from near and far: the launch of the ticket sales. Beginning today at 4pm, the much coveted Early Bird tickets have gone on sale for the upcoming re:publica and MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin in Berlin, running from 2 to 4 May 2018. Yay! Hurry up and grab yourself one!

Early Bird stays Early Bird

And while we’re at it, we’d like to take the opportunity to say a couple of words about the ticket prices. There’s good news, and there’s some news we’d like to explain: the prices for the Early Bird tickets stay the same. There’s absolutely no change there. There will, however, be an adjustment with the ticket prices during regular sales.Why?

Travelling by train is getting more expensive, food is getting more expensive and, yes, organising a conference is also getting more expensive these days. We haven’t adjusted the prices corresponding to the rising costs since 2014, which is why this will be unavoidable for 2018. We’re very sorry about this fact.

Fair adjustment for everyone

We have decided to raise the prices on all tickets sold after the Early Bird phase by a specific percentage. We spent a long time discussing this within the team and it was not an easy decision to make. In the end, the idea of fairness prevailed: with an adjustment of the prices, all reduced, standard and business ticket purchasers will be treated equally.

Normal tickets for companies

Even with everyone heading over to grab their tickets, please keep one thing in mind: we initially introduced the Early Bird tickets as “blogger tickets” and we still see them as their legitimate successor. Blogger tickets were meant as a thank you to the community that gave rise to the re:publica and who helped it grow. For this reason, among others, we expressly ask companies and anyone who doesn’t necessarily ‘need’ to buy a cheaper ticket to forego buying an Early Bird.

An overview of the changes in ticket prices:

Early Bird Tickets: No adjustment on quantity, price or category*
Pre-Sale Phase I: 5 percent adjustment on ticket price for all categories*
Pre-Sale Phase II: 10 percent adjustment on ticket price for all categories*
Walk-Up Tickets / Box Office: We will determine the box office prices shortly beforehand.

* Respective price adjustment in comparison to the previous year.