How to make the most of your time at #rp18

Alexandra Wolf (Programmleitung #rp18)

By Melina Harzer, Mutwakil Omran for Shifted News.

Three days of exciting talks, workshops and performances on all aspects of the digital society are before us. For the thousands of enthusiastic visitors from all over the world converging on STATION Berlin for the latest edition of re:publica a great time is guaranteed. But especially for the uninitiated things can also appear a bit daunting at first. We got some advice from those who should know: #rp18's CEO and founder Andreas Gebhard and director Jeannine Koch  on how to prepare and make the most of your time at re:publica.

So, here's a person with a ticket for re:publica and attending for the first time, all excited, but with no clue where to start. Now what?

JK - My advice first is: be fit, try and have a good night's sleep beforehand. Have a good breakfast. And then try to figure out which kind of topic you are interested in and then you sink into it.

AG - Well, come early at the beginning of day 1, maybe a day before. It's easier to register then. Get the printed program. There's also an app for it.

How do visitors make the most of their time there?

JK - I would not recommend you going to this and going to that and try inhaling everything that happens. We have tried to (curate) everything around a number of common themes that guide people through the program. We also have a nice program in the evening: lots of concerts and art coming out onto the stage. It's something you should not miss out.

AG - Of course, there are many ways to navigate the program including the #rp18 web page and mobile apps. There are also video streams or video recordings from 6 or 7 stages. So don’t feel rushed by wanting to attend too many different sessions. If you can't make up your mind just talk to the many interesting people you meet in the hall. Or in the backyard. And you can still watch the videos of the talks afterwards.

What would you like people to take away from their time at re:publica?

AG -  There are many topics to talk about, bringing together people from very different backgrounds. It is very important to step out of your bubble and to talk to people who you will not to get the chance to talk to all the time; people also working on projects like your own. And of course, our big Netzfest following on May 5th will bring together everyone.