Involving Europe

Finding Europe = Involving Europe

As one of our networking efforts we have embarked on a journey through continental Europe, searching for its digital communities. We started several calls on Twitter under the hashtags #FindingEurope and #rp15 in order to find those places all over the continent where the digital society is already happening (more on the calls here): Co-working spaces, maker labs, hackerspaces, innovation hubs, or any other (physical) place or interface where digital communities come together and share knowledge. Thanks so much for your support and feedback!

Now we want to make these places visible – and locatable – for you. Please find a list of all spaces we got in touch with on our Involving Europe page.
In case you know of any additional place you think is missing, please tell Alena at re-publica.de.

Thank you!

Credit: Ruth Ellison "Sydney Hackerspace Halloween Party" (CC BY 2.0)