Join Us In Finding Europe With Lights!

This visualization project, organized by our partner ubirch GmbH, will illustrate this year’s motto, Finding Europe, in a very special way: Finding Europe with Lights will assemble a network of sensors connecting all the European countries with the Internet of Things, which will merge into one single display at the STATION-Berlin venue. When the re:publica opens its gates in 59 days, you will see a light installation with 28 interactive lights, glowing in different shades.

This Is How It Works

In the weeks before re:publica, we will distribute RGB colour sensors to the selected candidates in 28 different European countries. At each of these locations, the sensors transmit (day)light information as well as their GPS position to one of the lamps installed at the STATION-Berlin. Every lamp was custom-made and consists of a 3D-printed scaffolding in a concrete cast. The sensors and matching lamps are then equipped with a mobile phone module driven by a low-power Arduino. Find out more about the construction details here.

[caption]Making of the lamps: 3d printing, Arduino and custom-made concrete cast; photo credit: ubirch GmbH[/caption]

[caption]Each cast contains a mobile modem, the Adafruit FONA MiniGSM; photo credit: ubirch GmbH[/caption]

During re:publica, the light display will present the shades and hues of Europe. When the Greek lamp is already growing dark with the dusk, the sensor in Portugal is still glowing in warm sunlight. The installation visualizes the subtle differences between day and night, as well as overcast weather and sunshine.

The ​network idea is important for Finding Europe with Lights. This time, the Internet of Things is not limited to a pragmatic context, like smart homes or self-monitoring your own biorhythm. Setting political, legal or economic ideas of the European nations aside, the vision of a united Europe is illuminated, quite literally.

[caption]The lamps will illuminate the daylight differences within Europe; photo credit: ubirch GmbH[/caption]

Apply now, until March 27, 2015, to become part of the installation at re:publica!

Become a Sensor Host for one of the 28 RGB sensors, and connect with the conference participants. Although the number 28 is based on the 28 EU member states, we of course welcome applicants from all of the countries of the European continent. The registration form can be found here until March 27.

And if you find these lights as beautiful as we do: after #rp15, they are going to be sold individually as souvenirs.