Let’s re:connect EUROPE: Be a part of the re:publica in Dublin and Thessaloniki!

Join our Call for Participation for the two editions of re:publica in Ireland and Greece in September 2017. Use the opportunity to actively participate and shape the programme for the upcoming conferences. Surprise us with your extraordinary ideas, visions, proposals and projects on digital Europe! The Call for Participation is divided into two stages. The final ends on 16 July 2017. Let's re:connect EUROPE!

re:publica team invites you to Dublin & Thessaloniki

After a first, very successful re:publica in Dublin in 2016, we’re at it again: Let the journey begin! Under the re:connecting EUROPE motto, we’re launching a field trip from the north of Europe to the south – supported by the German Federal Foreign Office. It gets rolling on 7 and 8 September 2017 in the Irish capital. Last year, the first #rpDUB was held with around 200 participants – and it felt quite a bit like the first re:publica in Berlin. There was lots of room for discussions and a great exchange with the Irish digital community. We’re continuing our journey in a second European city in 2017: With Thessaloniki, we have found our partner city in Southeastern Europe, which due to being young, international, historically rich and the economic situation of the last years, has the city conveying a similar feeling of creative awakening that Berlin had following the fall of the wall. The first #rpTHE will take place from 11 to 13 September 2017.  

Round Table
Come over to our Round Tables! Today and the next days we are in Thessaloniki, and 8 June in Dublin. If you wanna brainstorm with us or you know wanna connect us with people from both cities, let us know: europe(at)re-publica.de. Many thanks!

Now to you!
We want to discuss your visions for a digital Europe and face the current challenges, as well as offer projects and ideas a platform for initiating cross-border partnerships. One main focus of re:publica usually is internet politics, where current political developments from the digital sphere are illuminated, debated and scrutinized. Other areas of policy, be it European politics, urban development and sustainability, are also very important to us.

What we'd like to see
Geographically speaking, Thessaloniki is the “gateway” to the Balkans and beyond. We want to use this as a jump-off point for highlighting projects and movements from the entire Mediterranean region – from the digital economy in Greece and its neighbouring countries to current political and social topics.

Dublin on the other hand brings topics like Brexit, transatlantic cooperation and the role of big tech corporations to mind as it’s the hub for many US companies in Europe. Relevant topics for re:connecting Europe can also be gender equality, human rights, affordable housing, digital economy to network policy issues – and how we can engage with them across European borders. (Here you can find the programme of #rpDUB 2016.)

Moreover, we also want to highlight the many aspects of the digital society, from pop and hacker culture, inclusion, the maker movement, all the way to social media marketing – meaning that every exciting, interesting or even surprising net topic is welcome.

One of the conference’s main approaches it to present the opportunities and benefits of new technologies in various areas of society, while simultaneously taking a critical look behind the scenes.re:publica wouldn’t be the unique event that it is without the active participation of stakeholders, artists and activists. Use this opportunity to become a part of the programme with your own ideas for talks, discussions, art performances or workshops!

The Call for Participation for re:publica in Dublin and Thessaloniki has begun! The sooner you apply, the sooner you can expect feedback on your submission. While we reserve a few spots for the second deadline, your chances are better if you submit early. The first round runs until 25 June 2017. The final deadline is on 16 July 2017.

re:publica moves beyond just the event, becoming a network and an attitude. We want to ensure a sustainable strengthening of this network. Join in and help shape re:publica!

You can find more information on our Call for Participation page.

Your #rpEUROPE team!

Picture credit: fertig design