A look back at the first day of #rpDUB

On 7 September, re:publica CEO Andreas Gebhard and Project Director Fernanda Parente opened the re:publica in Dublin. We’re excited to be back and happy to kick-off the second edition of #rpDUB.


Chiara Sherlock and Bryan Dougan got things rolling with the first session at the re:publica in Dublin, talking about their insights into the psychedelic movement and research.


VR Game

Following the first session, Bryan Dougan introduced his VR game “DEEP” on the re:publica floor. In the game, the player wanders through a virtual underwater world with giant jellyfish, a winding system of caves and enchanted sea anemones. You’ll be able to give the game a go on the second day as well.


Women in Tech

Women have long established themselves as a part of the tech scene, which is why we organised a networking meetup for women to get to know each other and exchange ideas.

Work 4.0

Eurofound gave us an insight into just what that might look like – the EU agency has been analysing the living and working conditions of citizens within the EU. Eurofound touched on many of the problems being faced in the current situation, examples being ever shorter work contracts and bogus self-employment. The demand put forward was clear: The EU either needs new categories for workers or more precise categories of self-employment.

City in Crisis

Dublin is a rapidly expanding tech hub, but also the centre of a massive housing crisis. That’s why we opened the doors of the conference and invited the public to an open discussion, free for all visitors. Caelainn Hogan, Aisling Hedderman, Lucky Khambule and Tommy Gavin discussed the problem. In their opinion, it’s been the big companies like Google, Facebook and Linkedin that have contributed to the housing crisis. The well-paid employees can still afford the rising rents, while the other citizens can’t. The “Irish Times” picked up the story and you can read the online article on our discussion here.

Discover Dublin and Irish Dance

Following all that sitting and input, we invited you to join us on a walking tour through Dublin. Afterwards, we all met up at the Cobblestone Pub for some Irish beer and a little introduction into traditional Irish dance. For more info on other side events, just check here.