A look back at the second day of #rpDUB







After launching the conference on Thursday, we kept things rolling on Friday, 8 September.


Cyborgs and their rights

The second day featured Shane Patrick McNamee and his talk on biohacking cyborgs. The session also focused on the difficulties inherent in the presently unclear legal situation in the area. One clear example is Neil Harbisson, who is the first official, governmentally recognised cyborg. Thanks to an antenna implanted into his skull, he is able to perceive colours as audible vibrations.



Inspired by "cryptoparties", Jilian York held a "cryptolunch" at the re:publica in Dublin. When dealing with security, the first questions that usually pop up are: What is it that I want to protect? Mails, phone calls or my smartphone pics? Encryption is a good option, for example, encrypting your emails or your messages.


Participation through play

Christiane Hütter’s work focuses on game design and storytelling. Our world is getting increasingly more complex and, in Hütter’s view, we’re still missing concepts for new forms of storytelling. She reflected on this in her panel. Her motto: When we play, we reflect on systems and their rules. We should learn how best to shape our world through using our imagination.


European passport?

So far, there’s never been one. In his workshop, Irish artist David Blackmore showed visitors how to remove the national emblems from their passports. With the discussions surrounding Brexit as the impetus, Blackmore – who now lives in London – wrote the European Commission and demanded to be issued a European passport that was independent of his nationality. The commission rejected his request, which prompted Blackmore to remove the emblems from his British and Irish passports.


Closing and party

We had a great time with you! The whole team would like to say a thanks for the great speaker panels and we hope you got to meet lots of interesting people at this year’s #rpDUB in the Light House Cinema. After saying our goodbyes, we headed over to Wigwam to party and toast to another step in the growing exchange within Europe's digital scene.


A big thanks and we’re looking forward to #rpTHE

Now it’s full speed ahead for the second part of re:connecting EUROPE in Thessaloniki, Greece, from 11 to 13 September. Take a look at what we have in store for you over here. Feeling spontaneous and want to stop by? Why not, you can still get your hands on some tickets. We look forward to seeing you!