A look back at the second day of #rpTHE

Goodbye #rpTHE. We’ll be seeing you at #rp18!
Where would re:publica be without its great speakers and the strong Greek community in Thessaloniki! Andreas Gebhard and Tenia Mnegaki closed out the second conference day in Thessaloniki by thanking you all for making the first re:publica in Thessaloniki such a great event. Our main programme is over – but we’ve still got a few highlights up our sleeve for today. Read up on what we experienced on day 2 and what’s coming up today.

Our 2nd conference day in Thessaloniki was all about connecting European cities. Our visitors and speakers spent the day passionately debating, laughing, exchanging ideas and networking.

Hey digital society, what’s happening in Arabia?

A new initiative made up of young activists and experts from Lebanon, Tunisia and Germany has made it their goal to better network the Arab digital society. Members include Ayad al-Ani, Vice President of the German Arab Friendship Association (DAFG), President of the Tunisian start-up scene Amel Saidane, and Evelyne Turk from the “Digital Arabia” marketing agency. They spoke about the positive effects that digitisation and the automobile industry are having on Arab society, and what we can expect in the future for the Arab society.


We also spoke with American author and activist Jilian C. York. She is the Director for International Freedom of Expression at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). Inspired by the idea of a CryptoParty, she got together with Kaustubh Srikanth and organised the Cryptolunch workshop, where participants were able to learn more about encryption techniques during their midday break. The focus was on private protection in the digital sphere and how to safely encrypt and share communication. Join us one more time today for Jilian York’s session “I’m on a crypto boat” on our re:boat.

Closing at Ypsilon

Last night, we got together in Ypsilon and toasted to a successful re:publica in Thessaloniki with our speakers, visitors and the re:publica team. The Ypsilon has been around for a year and a half now. They’ve got a bar and café on the ground floor, and will be opening a co-working space upstairs in October.


We’re heading into the last round of #rpTHE today

We’re kicking things off with an extensive breakfast in Ypsilon with our rpTHE Team, all of the speakers and with you!

In the second part of his “Poetry of Code – Introduction to Creative Coding” workshop, Panagiotis Palantas will be taking you deeper into the world of code and giving you some valuable, practical advice.

We’ll also be setting sail with our re:boat for the last time today, heading out into the sunset with you at 6:30 pm. And we’ll be staying true to our party roots, as always: Join us in the M2 Concert Hall at 8 pm when we wind down re:publica Thessaloniki together with you and our partners from Reworks Agora. 

You can find more information regarding our programme here. For everyone who can’t be there in person: Check out the link for our #rpTHE live stream.

An overview of today’s sessions:

Reworks Agora on cultural diplomacy at music festivals
Today, ideas spread faster than ever before – what can music festivals contribute to our intercultural understanding?

Thessaloniki City Tour No. 2

re:boat Sessions:
Let's make networking more fun!
I'm on a crypto boat!
Ecopreneurship – Responsible Economy Roundtable
I'm on a boat – Sunset Tour