Our rpTHE ticket winner Claudia Simon

Claudia Simon is one of the two winners of a trip to re:publica Thessaloniki. We received a nice message from her the other day telling us about her trip:

"Hi Simone, Hi Max,

I’ve finally booked my exciting trip to Thessaloniki and I’m so happy to have the chance to make it, thanks to re:publica!

I’m taking the train from Berlin to Budapest and, after a few hours, I’ll be travelling on to Belgrade. As the trains couldn’t be aligned in my favour, I’ll be spending the night there and will use the chance to check out the Nicola Tesla Museum. I’ll be getting to Thessaloniki on Monday morning.

On my way back, I’ll be taking the train to Sofia (probably on Wednesday night) and, if I’ve got enough time, I want to head over to the Museum for Socialist Art. I’ll be flying from Sofia to Memmingen and then taking a train to Stuttgart. After a couple days, I’ll be headed back to Berlin.

[…] Of course, I’ve got Lady 1337 with me on the train and will be typing and posting along the way. […]

Wishing you as smooth a preparation time as possible!

Best, Claudia"

Of course, we needed to find out more about this trip and, above all, we wanted to know who this Lady 1337 is and get to know her. We met up with Claudia in the makerspace of the Big Blue Labmobile to find out more.

How’re you doing and how was your trip to re:publica Thessaloniki?

I’m doing really well! I’m happy to be here and I’m enjoying the city and the weather. The trip was wonderful, as I love train rides. I already saw a lot along the way and managed to visit the great Nikola Tesla Museum during my stopover in Belgrade. It’s highly recommended!  

Who/what is Lady 1337? What does she do?

Lady 1337 is my 1953, Erfurt-built Optima Elite typewriter, which I’ve rebuilt into a USB typewriter. With Lady, I can type on paper and, if I hook her up to a device with a cable, I can simultaneously use her as a USB keyboard. To tweet, for example. I’ve been working with typewriters for a while now and use them for my art projects. They allow me to explore aspects I find interesting, such as online-offline, analogue-digital, original-copy. My thematic focuses are always very similar to re:publicas’, which is why I’ve always liked visiting the conference.

What sessions are you especially looking forward to? How will you be spending your time at re:publica?

I’ll be hanging out with my Lady in the makerspace, tweeting about the different workshops and discussions and was just listening to Panagiotis Palantas’ talk on the poetry of code. As an activist for digital self-defence, I’m also very interested in topics concerning crypto data and big data.

Will we be seeing you again in May at #rp18 in Berlin?

Of course!


Photo Credit: Christina Vanek