Paper is Dead, Long Live Paper!

Print is dying out, right? Kate Stone took to Stage 1 on the first day of the re:publica TEN to prove the exact opposite: With a little digital help and some music, she can literally make a piece of paper sing.

"I love paper and I love technology." says physicist, Cambridge alumni and former shepherd Kate Stone. Together with her company Novalia, she wants to help bring the medium of paper into the 21st Century by making it interactive.

And this is how it works: Printing paper or cardboard with conductive, electron-charged ink makes it interactive. Afterwards, a circuit board with chips is attached so that software can be installed. Stone was already able to develop various exciting projects with the help of this technology: Among them, a poster that plays music when touched, a paper-thin DJ console and a brochure for the carmaker Audi that simulates a car cockpit when connected to a smartphone.

One thing is important for Stone: she wants to make her technology as accessible as possible, as well as find more applications for interactive paper. One participant already had a suggestion: Interactive dictionaries for refugees. We're looking forward to what comes next!

Image: re:publica/Jan Zappner (CC BY 2.0)