re:publica Ahoy! re:connecting EUROPE with a new look

A new look for our next journey: Dublin & Thessaloniki ahoy! For re:connecting EUROPE, we came up with something special inspired by maritime signal flags.

“Stream of Consciousness”

The international maritime signal flags are used by ships to communicate over long distances. Every flag symbolizes a letter of the alphabet, making the “language” internationally comprehensible. This inspired us, as we are headed to two different port cities this autumn: Dublin and Thessaloniki!

In addition, re:publica as an event and idea stands for communication across cultural, social, professional and linguistic borders. The conference provides a platform for anyone and everyone, from internet newbies to professionals in the field. Here, they can meet at eye level to exchange ideas and break new ground together. What initially feels like a secret language suddenly becomes intelligible, helping us cross borders!

At first sight, the signal flags also seem to be a kind of secret language. But they are easily translated and understood. It’s because of this that the flags perfectly symbolize the spirit of re:publica! Thank you Norman and Malte alias fertig design, for the genius design!

Image credit: re:publica/fertig design