The re:publica Blackbox

By purchasing a Standard or Premium ticket for re:publica 2021, you will receive our exclusive Blackbox delivered to your home.

So what is this Blackbox exactly? A goodie bag? A merch package? Take a look and get an exclusive "sneak peek" in our "inboxing video"!


Our re:publica Blackbox contains must-haves like lanyards and admission wristbands of course, but in addition to that we have invested a maximum of brainpower, creativity and organisation to put together a package full of many unique items that you can't simply buy anywhere else.

Every piece comes from personal collections, from small and local companies, some of them in special limited editions, some as unique pieces, or they are wonderful — even magical upcycling results directly from the re:publica team. We are really proud of the result and super excited to see what you think of it.

Feedback please!

Unboxing please!!

The Golden Ticket

Because we know you're all secret winners, there is one more thing: In a total of three Standard and Premium Ticket Blackboxes ordered before 30 April 2021, we have hidden one Golden Ticket each, granting their lucky owners free entry to every re:publica for life. Two tickets have already been found — fingers crossed! Let's live forever!!

Shipping & Delivery

It goes without saying that we want to make sure that your Blackbox reaches you in time for the event on 20 May 2021. Please make sure that you place your ticket order before 13 May 2021 to guarantee the delivery in time.
We aim to ship your Blackboxes 1-2 working days after you have placed your order and expect a delivery time of 2-5 working days (within Germany). After the Blackboxes have been shipped, you will receive a tracking code allowing you to follow the progress of your shipment. Please find all information in our detailed FAQ. For further questions, please feel free to contact our team at ticket(at)re-publica.com.



Our aim has been to make the #BlackBox as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. Although we have not yet fully succeeded, we are well on our way

The box is not only made of cardboard, but also recyclable. And the BlackBox itself doesn't have to be thrown away, but can be used to store USB charging cables, all re:publica lanyards or AOL installation CDs instead.

The sachets in which some of the #BlackBox contents are packed are not made from plastic, but from cellophane, a material that is made from renewable resources and can either be composted or thrown away for recycling. Give it a try (carefully!): Cellophane does not melt when you light it, it burns.
The only exception are the little bags containing the Mexican garlands. They are made of plastic, and we did refrain from repackaging them. The garlands are made of paper though.
The semi-transparent bags are also made of paper, which you probably already knew.

Our stickers are made of "biodegradable materials". 

The buttons are made of recycled steel, tinplate, paper and PET film, which contains no heavy metals and is free of BPA plasticisers. Please just never throw them away!

Lanyards and admission wristbands
Both were made from recycled PET material, just like in previous re:publica years.

The postcards are part of an older production, so nothing had to be printed additionally. The founders' greeting cards were printed climate neutrally.

Paper clips
We got them from an insolvency asset. No kidding.

Business cards
The "how-to" business cards were printed with CO2 offsetting.

Pure beeswax. Thank you, bees!

Puzzle pieces
Are made of cardboard, however, we don't know what kind of colours they were printed with.

Tins for puzzle pieces
The tins that the puzzle pieces are in are made of aluminium, which is not so great. There is no need to throw them away though, you can keep them to store baby teeth or microchips for example.

Art print
Paper, of course.

Moby Dick quotes
They come from the huge banner we had printed for rp19. The re-use of equipment and materials has been close to our hearts for years, and so we have been using the baker's crates since 2014 and the iconic re:publica chairs for even longer. The stage backs are also re-covered and reused every year, as are the "grids" of the partner booths, which are reused with only a new coat of paint. The event industry, like us, still blows out far too much material, but we do our best to work as sustainably as possible. Some of the "Into The Wild" flags from 2014, for example, now decorate people's homes!
By the way, every single sentence from the Moby Dick flag has been carefully selected. Not directly for the individual recipients, of course, who we can't know, but it's not like you just get some random snippet. 

Unfortunately, we have no idea whether the staples are made of recycled material or not.

The cups were produced in Oranienburg, and they last for generations! If you don't drop them... We also decided not to use the additional packaging recommended by the manufacturer for the cups and instead wrapped them in paper ourselves.

We did not use bubble wrap or other plastic cushioning and instead crumpled up paper ourselves.

Transport routes
We have tried to support small local businesses for all goods purchased. The love postcards come from a Berlin print shop, as do the art prints, which are handmade at p98a.berlin. The chocolate is produced in Berlin with various fair trade partners (visit fairerhandel.berlin for more info). The garlands come from superskull.de, which has been cooperating directly and on a fair basis with small manufacturers in Mexico for years.

We ship climate neutral via DHL.

We didn't want to order junk on the internet and just have "re:publica" printed on it. We wanted to send you something that is unique and comes from the heart — from us. And so we pack every #BlackBox ourselves. And yes, it's quite stressful because you order quite a few. Thank you for that!