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Kids space

Photo credit: re:publica / Gregor Fischer CC BY 2.0

re:publica is for everyone. You’ll find talks to engage young minds, workshops to tinker, a makerspace to explore, toys to play, a quiet corner form mums, dads and toddlers and of course our famous ball pit! Kids up to 16 years of age can even attend for free! Please remember to bring a proof.

Kids Space
Our Kids Space offers a place for kids to play, toddlers explore, parents to change diapers, breastfeed or just sit down and relax for a bit. Klax Creativwerkstatt is entertaining youngsters with their Ozobots, Calliope and a Pong Game. Kids can draw and craft with SZ Familie, read a book, run in the outside area or join one of our workshops.

GIG Makerspace
Children are obviously more than welcome to have a look, take part, tinker and explore everything at the GIG Makerspace. We offer several sessions especially for kids (and grown-ups) ages 8 and up waiting to be discovered. Caution: no sticking fingers anywhere where there are maker machines.

Freche Freunde Family Breakfast
On Friday “Freche Freunde” are hosting a family breakfast at 10am. Find out more on social media checking the hashtag #frecherepublica!

TINCON at #rp18
The TINCON is a festival for digital youth culture created by, for and with teenagers and young adults from the ages of 13 to 21. For rp18, TINCON will depart from its 13 to 21-year age bracket and open up to adult re:publica visitors. Four exciting young speakers will be discussing various topics and enrich the program with their perspectives. Find out more here.

Kids space

Our #rp18-Sessions suited for teens and kids:
    •    Bubble Making Workshop for Kids & Bubble Making Workshop for Kids (2) @ Kids Space
    •    Dext Science Kits - Empower Playgrounds @Makerspace
    •    Creative technology workshop - Explore movement and make the future! @Kids Space
    •    Baut die Zukunftsskulptur zusammen mit Start Coding e.V. und Junior Lab @Kids Space
    •    RoboRace für Kinder ab 7 Jahren @Kids Space
    •    Let’s make Drawbots from Junk! @Kids Space
    •    Exploring the micro universe: examine the critters surrounding you! @Makerspace
    •    Creative technology workshop - Explore movement and make the future! @Makerspace

Many thanks to our Kids Space partners:

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