re:publica meets Reworks Agora Festival

On September 13, re:publica Thessaloniki will be passing the baton on to our rpTHE partners, the Reworks Festival with their Agora Reworks Forum.
In the “A new connected world: The rise of networks” panel, curated in cooperation with Reworks Agora, the movers and shakers behind both events got together on stage. The discussion featured CEO Andreas Gebhard, designer Norman Palm and Anastasios Diolatzis, co-founder and musical director at Reworks. Besides talking about the importance of international networks, they also discussed which platforms are currently home to the exchange between cultures and people.

The speakers discussed the possible negative effects of having too many creatives in one place – such as in Berlin – leading to everyone being trapped in a bubble. Gebhard didn’t see it that way, as creativity has a very individualistic nature, giving everybody enough room to go their own way. The re:publica in Berlin, Dublin and Thessaloniki is a space where filter bubbles are meant to be burst through bringing together people from very different backgrounds to meet up and exchange ideas.

The panellists also touched on the question of how to authentically organise an event, with a special view on the financial side. If the approach becomes too commercial, then the event runs the risk of losing its charm.

This doesn’t happen if the visitors connect the event with a specific stance or attitude that is clearly recognisable and relatable, Gebhard stated. The visitors and speakers should also be as varied and diverse as possible, so that the event continues to offer different, surprising experiences. In this way, Gebhard sees re:connecting Europe as having made a significant contribution and set important impulses for re:publica 2018 in Berlin.