The re:publica Program Committee: How We Work Together!


Constructive criticism comes from experienced re:publica visitors

Photo credit: re:publica / Simon Lazewski CC BY-SA 2.0

re:publica’s goal is to create a platform for sustainable and integrative exchange—for and with our community. Our program is designed to inspire and enthuse. In 2016, we created a program committee to support us in evaluating the large number of Call for Participation submissions we receive.   
Transparency and clarity in our program selection process is important to us. Our program committee consist of experts, community leaders, and speakers who, in some cases, have supported us for many years and know re:publica intimately. In helping us evaluate submitted sessions, they guarantee a broad and diverse range of perspectives and voices.

Each program committee member is allotted somewhere between 25 and 50 pre-selected submissions within their own area of expertise. Submissions are handed in anonymously to ensure that their content remains front and center.    
We do encourage program committee members to submit their own work. To guarantee a fair selection process, we are vigilant about assigning respective submissions to neutral parties. re:publica’s program team takes all committee members’ evaluations into consideration, but will always have the last word in final program selection.  
It’s important to us that our program is not selected by one individual, but an entire team made up of diligent people with integrity, whom we fully support.
We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all program committee members, as well as everyone who took part in our Call for Participation. We’re looking forward to a diverse and inspiring #rp18 program.  

Here is a list of our program committee members.