re:publica is: You!

Our website’s background still looks a little grey but that is about to change - with your help! re:publica would not be what it is today without you! We would like to present this fact to the world by integrating your webcam portrait on our website. What will it look like? View this sample picture to find out!



Participating is very easy:

Step 1: Take a self portrait with your webcam

What do you look like when you sit in front of your computer? We would like to see faces of a normal mood. Make-up, selfie pouts, or exaggerated smiles are unnecessary – smiling is healthy and who is happy should show it but we are not interested in beauty or in acting. We are interested in you, as you are.

Ideally, your photograph will show no more than the whole face with hair (if present) and the neck and shoulder section. In this way, you will be helping our campaign to maintain a consistent style, which would be great! Please also refrain from filters. Simple, monochrome backgrounds would be great and would make things a lot easier for us. We will need your image in a landscape format but that goes without saying.

Step 2: Send us your picture

Please email your picture in the highest resolution possible to rpTEN@re-publica.de. By sending us your photograph, you verify that it is a picture of yourself, taken by you. Further, you permit us to use the photograph free of charge for the campaign mentioned in this text – and this campaign only!

What will happen to my portrait?

Your picture will be one of many background pictures on https://re-publica.de and re:publica TEN's apps, similar to this example. We will display the photographs at random and are not obliged to show every picture. Your image will be saved on our servers only and solely for this campaign. Like every other image on the web, it can be downloaded by third parties - you should be aware of this fact. We will only edit the color or format of your image so it will match the website’s design and will not change it otherwise. Your name will not appear; neither your birth name, nor your twitter handle, or any other username.

We look forward to a large participation. In its tenth year, we want to celebrate and demonstrate re:publica’s diversity, in particular. If you have any questions on our campaign, please write us a message via Email, Twitter, or Facebook.

Thank you for joining in!