#rp20 Call for Participation: Off Stage Programme

More than ever we’re inviting everyone to shape and partake in re:publica’s Off Stage Programme. Off Stage can be anything—from stirring VR activities and installation art to performances, DJ sets or dance theatre. Off Stage is everything happening aside from the stages. It’s colourful, creative and playful. We’re bringing substantial debates from the stages into the open spaces. You’re invited to bring new formats and new ways of expressing yourself to the grounds of re:publica. Together, we aim to create new places and moments that go deep. 

Your ideas wanted! Submit your creative projects for the Off Stage Programme until 28 February 2020, 11:59 PM (CET). Learn more about how to take part on our Call for Participation website, the FAQs or our Session Guidelines.

Submit your idea for the following formats:

Pop-Up // Show Up 
You’re looking for like-minded peers and mavericks? Set up a pop-up and get talking about your ideas for the future. Organise flashmobs, demos or make space for spontaneous formats. Sometimes, all it takes is a table to send a message to the moon.

Action // Show Off 
Actions are meant to mingle among participants of re:publica and are not bound to a specific place. Why not help others to get a grip on life by offering coachings? Or you could share hugs and organise timeouts for everyone.

Installation // Show It 
Whether your sculpture fits best into a historic windmill or your busy building sensible KI or AR altars—your works cause a stir, provoke attention, encourage others. Bring them around and we’ll find the perfect place for them.

Music // Show Loud
A ukulele flashmob or your gig as part of our evening programme—your sound is making the world a better place and that’s why you’re very welcome.

We’ll be giving a detailed overview about possible exhibition locations on the grounds of re:publica within the next weeks—stay tuned!