#rpDUB Speaker Caelainn Hogan on the housing crisis in a tech bubble

May we present our speakers to you? Let’s start with the Irish journalist Caelainn Hogan, who researched the current Irish housing crisis.

When we held our round table in Dublin in June, there was one topic that proved to be especially relevant: affordable rents. Certainly an issue of Europe-wide significance, we’ll have Caelainn Hogan moderating a panel on the topic in Ireland. She is an Irish freelance multimedia journalist who has been reporting on migration, conflict and marginality for various publications such as Harper’s Magazine, The New Yorker, Al Jazeera or VICE Magazine. With her work covering a wide-range of issues, her most recent reports are about the housing crisis in capital cities like Dublin and how the digital society is involved, and sometimes even complicit in it. Find out more in the following short interview with her.

Caelainn, what challenges is Europe currently facing and how can the digital society help manage them?
Access to affordable housing is a growing crisis in cities across Europe with the explosion of the tech industry in capitals like Dublin contributing to rapid gentrification in what many fear is another growing property bubble ready to burst. As government regulation struggles to catch up to new digital industries like Airbnb – which some argue are fueling rising rents – what is the social responsibility of a “digital society” in the midst of such a crisis?

What is your main line of work?
I am a freelance writer and multimedia journalist reporting for various publications. I recently wrote a feature for VICE on the effect of the housing crisis in Europe on young people and the youth activists demanding solutions, from squatters to anti-gentrification demonstrators.

What can visitors expect from your panel discussion on the housing crisis at #rpEUROPE?
This panel will bring together voices from different grassroots movements in Dublin, from asylum seekers to activists involved in the recent occupation of Apollo House, to discuss the different ways people are affected by the growing housing crisis in the city and what actions are being taken to challenge the status quo. In the midst of what some see as a tech-driven bubble in post-recession Ireland, what is the impact of this housing crisis and what can be done to affect change?


Photo Credit: Caelainn Hogan