#rpTHE Speakers Antonella Napolitano and Marina Petrillo on the unsung gateways of migration

May we present: Our #rpEUROPE speakers! The next speakers we’d like to introduce are Antonella Napolitano and Marina Petrillo. They are Milan based journalists whose work focuses on migration and the refugee crisis. They are part of a panel discussion at #rpTHE on two cities that are currently gateways for migration: Thessaloniki and Milan. But why not find out more in our short interview?

What challenges is Europe currently facing and how can the digital society help manage them?
European institutions are facing a crisis of meaning, lack of organized solidarity for the frailer parts of society, which includes migrants, as well as its own, perennially unsolved social injustices. The digital society can help establish and maintain neural networks of shared interests, strengthening solidarity on the ground and spreading knowledge about rights.

What is your main line of work?
Currently, our main line of work is reporting and commissioning/organizing/editing other journalists’ reporting on migration and the refugee crisis. Antonella does this as communication manager and Marina as senior editor of the non-profit journalistic outlet Open Migration which works mainly around data, fact checking and infographics.

What can visitors expect from your panel discussion on Thessaloniki and Milan as gateways for migration at #rpEUROPE?
I think they will find two cities that couldn't be more different - Milan and Thessaloniki - telling their stories of change and solidarity around migration. Hopefully we will reach a point in the conversation where we can show how important it is to be a gateway, and how creative that position can be, both in the physical and the digital world.


Thanks Antonella and Marina, see you at #rpTHE!

Photo credit: private