TINCON is a festival for digital youth culture from, for and with young people which has been taking place since 2016 in Berlin and since 2017 in Hamburg.

TICON offers a platform and forum for young people between 13 and 21 and focusses on topics such as culture, tech & games, education & science, YouTube culture, code, music & lifestyle, politics & society in a protected space with no access for adults.

From June 8 to 10, 2018 TINCON will take place at Columbia Theater Berlin with an exciting programme for the young attendees - including workshops, Q&A sessions, DIY-formats and gaming areas.

Tickets are available here.

TINCON and TINCON e.V. were founded by Tanja and Johnny Haeusler, who are also members of re:publica's founding team - the adult role model of TINCON. At dedicated programme sessions at re:publica 18 and at this year's Netzfest also adults got an insight into the topics of the youth conference.

Find the videos of the TINCON sessions at #rp18 here.

For those of you who would like to be part of TINCON but are older then 21 - TINCON is looking for volunteers