Up with the underground!: rabble newspaper about European perspectives

Without our media partners, the re:publica wouldn’t be the unique event that is. The same goes for our second edition – re:publica Dublin 2017. That’s why we’d like to take the time to present rabble as our media partner. Get to know them a bit better in our short but sweet, three question interview:



What challenges is Europe currently facing and how can the digital society help manage them?

I guess there’s a feeling of things falling apart. We amble from crisis to crisis with the EU facing fairly existential threats and then there is the return of nationalism and a buoyant far right politics. There’s a feeling that social inequality is exacerbating despite talk of recovery. In Ireland a generation is being dispossessed of the ability to even be an adult and strike out independently for themselves. We’re seeing housing becoming a more intensified tool of financialisation. Terms like digital society might evoke a raised eyebrow here. Who exactly are we talking about?


Our motto is ‘re:connecting EUROPE‘, how can media help bring Europe closer together? 

I guess we first need to start defining what we mean by Europe. We’d certainly like to see alternative media networks coming closer together to share grassroots experience to build positive communities of resistance against corporate domination. Often we are battling it out as small nodes in a terrible attention economy where we are vastly outgunned and barely able to survive. We are really only coming to grips with the cost of this monopolisation of the net by new technology oligarchs. There’s huge discrepancies between various projects. Folks in larger cities benefit more from the legacies and infrastructures laid down by social movements in the past. Some of us further out on the periphery don’t have access to that movement wealth.


Which highlights are you looking forward to the most at #rpEUROPE?

Looking forward to sharing notions of what is radically possible such as bringing the great digital disrupters like Airbnb to heel or getting control of the rental crisis. Looking forward to the one on work and society too. We’re living in the middle of some pretty epic ruptures at the moment and the coming waves are only going to crash harder.  Then even more simple discussions around institutional stuff like how you set up and manage a functioning media co-op that can outlast its founders would work for us. We could probably do with checking in on the mindfulness and digital detoxing bit too. These screens are killing us.


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Photo Credit: rabble