Video Interview: Deep Sea Researcher Antje Boetius

Our media partner dctp.tv was busy at #rp17. The dctp.tv video team found a temporary home in our main hall during the re:publica 2017. Journalist Philip Banse and his video team invited speakers to join them in their #rp17 studio for a talk.

Biologist and sub:marine participant Antje Boetius, who held the “Digitale Tauchgänge in die Tiefsee” (Digital Dives into the Deep Sea) talk at the re:publica stage on Monday, was among the visitors. In the interview with Philip Banse, Boetius revealed that her team dives as deep as four kilometres; you can only get deeper with Japanese and American models. The Arctic is one of her fields of operation. She heads there to investigate the impacts of the retreat of sea ice, as affected by global warming, on the ecosystem and life in the area. Find out more on the deep sea researcher and her work in the video. 

Credit: screenshot dctp.tv/YouTube