Weekly topic “Netzfest”

Two years ago we started to discuss the important questions of the digital society with as many different interested people as possible. And now we want to continue these discourses together with you. For the first time, the Netzfest will take place in digital and hybrid formats this year. From Monday to Thursday, starting at 4:15pm, we will present an exciting programme for the young and old generation, with panels, tutorials and discussions—live on-site at #rpCampus (Ziegrasraße 1, Berlin), in the livestream on campus.re-publica.com, netzfest.de and on YouTube.

At the “Werkstatt” day on Friday we want to learn, deepen and exchange ideas in interactive, entertaining workshops with you and our speakers. If you would like to participate, you can register here.


The programme starts on Monday, 28 September: Axel Birsul, President of the German Senior Computer Club, will give a presentation with the title "Is there a danger of digital amnesia for people in retirement?" and Sonja Fischbauer and Philip Steffan will talk about how “Jugend hackt”—their hacking programme for the youth—generates transformative ideas, what can be gained from them and how everyone feels at ease with them. In the video series "What is...?" young experts from TINCON explain the basic concepts of the digital world in a simple and understandable way. The MINT tutorials (in cooperation with #MINTmagie) of YouTubers and researchers explore exciting phenomena between technology and science. The programme on Monday: "Why does the Internet need light", "What is a cookie?", "What is net neutrality", "What is Artificial Intelligence?" and "Artificial stupidity or artificial intelligence?".

On Tuesday, 29 September, we are looking forward to Raúl Aguayo-Krauthausens session „TikTok – Good guy, bad guy? We ask what and why!“. Jaana Müller-Brehm and Lucas Lamby will find out what the algorithmic public means for democracy. Netzfest Tuesday is also about freeware, hate speech and the connection between education and YouTube. Our video tutorials will help you to understand what the terms Wikipedia, Instagram, TikTok and Shitstorm mean.

A joint discussion between Line Niedeggen from Fridays for Future und Leonie Baumgarten Egemole from Black Lives Matter will be part of the programme on Wednesday, 30 September. It gets digital and democratic in Jutta Crolls und Lea Beckmanns talk about human rights in the digital sphere, Markus Beckedahl explains digital self-defence and Céline Sturm and Gilda Sahebi strengthen the sense of community in their session“Toleranz im Netz - Mobb und Bully gehören nicht dazu!”. The video tutorials of TINCON and #MINTmagie describe why plants benefit from the digitisation and why software is not enough when it comes to IT security.

On Thursday, 1 October, the digital #rpCampus programme is coming to an end – not without some highlights for sure! Mareice Kaiser and Alu Kitzerow will talk about #CoronaEltern and the burden on families during the pandemic. Björn Nölte and Jan Peters ask what schools need now and after Corona in terms of digital education. In their session Klimawandel und du sitzt auf der Couch?! Amanda Brennan and Susanne Mierau show how they motivate young people to get involved and Michel Siebert, Youth Council of the Generationen Stiftung, talks about radical generational justice despite the Corona crisis. The TINCON tutorials clarify the questions: What is 5G? What is cybergrooming? What is an upload filter? And how to operate on patients remotely with surgical robots.


Under the motto "Vernetzt!" the workshop day of the Netfest in Berlin-Neukölln will take place on 2 October on the premises of the #rpCampus. From 4pm to 7:30pm you can participate in exciting workshops and immerse yourself in new topics. The Omas gegen Rechts will be present and in the workshop "How to Podcast" Frank Joung will explain how to start your own podcast. Martin A. Ciesielskis will playfully explore how we really want to work together, and Christian Söder and Julia Schneeweiss are also taking part. They will show you the results of their Couch Potato Stop Motion Challenge and animate the next potato continuation story with you live on location. You can register for the workshops here.

The complete programme of the Netzfest theme week can be found here.

The Netzfest project is supported by the LOTTO-Stiftung Berlin.