Weekly topic “Über:Leben” – Environment, Economy, Digital Society

The week from 21-25 September is titled "Über:Leben“ at #rpCampus. Topics in this week range from the struggle for survival to life itself and resilient bodies. We want to know what it means to live: with each other, against each other, for each other, in harmony with the planet. The week’s topics will therefore be about sustainability as well as its interplay with digitalisation.

Join the discussion! Daily from 4:15pm to 7:30pm on campus.re-publica.com or live on site at #rpCampus (Ziegrastr. 1, 12057 Berlin-Neukölln) in a Corona-compliant format regarding distancing and in compliance with all applicable hygiene regulations.

The week "Über:Leben" is sponsored by Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU).

The programme

At the start of the week on Monday, 21 September, Alexander Bonde, Secretary General of the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU) and Andreas Gebhard, co-founder and managing director of republica GmbH, will discuss how to overcome the crisis in a sustainable manner and develop a resilient society. Also taking part on Monday are Berlin's Senator for Culture Klaus Lederer and Leslie Kuo, Diversity Agent of the Pankow Public Library. Together with moderator Hannah Göppert from the Open Society Initiative, they will examine the effectiveness of libraries for sustainable urban development. The sessions "The Future of Food Culture: Turning From Agribusiness to Bioart & Biodesign” and “Green Deal and Green Recovery – The road ahead for the EU and Africa” will also take place on Monday.

On Tuesday 22 September, Caroline Sinders, researcher for machine learning and artist, will kick off the event with a talk entitled "Design experiences for safety, intimacy and delight". Also, Stephanie Reuter, managing director of the Rudolf Augstein Foundation, Christian Schwägerl, co-founder and managing director of RiffReporter and Markus Beckedahl, founder of netzpolitik.org and co-founder of republica GmbH, will discuss "Non-profit as self-defence – perspectives for journalism in Germany". Also on Tuesday’s programme: the sessions "Alternative sustainable food sources - (upheavals in) the food system in extreme situations" and "Circular Makerspaces and Commons based Economy".

On the third day of our week “Über:Leben”, on Wednesday, September 23, we will start with the session “The Production of Food: Reflections on Ancient Traditions and Agribusiness from a Bioart Perspective” and continue with the topics “Degrowth and post-growth”, sustainable finance and “Climate Storytelling: A secret weapon in tackling the crisis?”.

On Thursday 24 September, the coordinator of the "Moria Corona Awareness Team" Omid Raihan Alizada will speak about the situation of the refugees after the fire in camp Moria. State Secretary Björn Böhning will discuss with experts on the importance of public-interest oriented artificial intelligence (AI). Nina Peters, Mona Saddei and Duygu Ağal ask how urban development can be actively shaped with users and residents in the session "VOR ORT!" and the panel "This can’t be it!" focuses on sustainability in IT.


During the Werkstatt day on Friday, we will pick up the main issues of the week and invite you to work intensively with speakers in workshops on solutions for a sustainable digital future. Meet the Scientists for Future, the Slow Food Youth and participate in workshops on the "Participatory Seed Bank" or the global transformation of energy systems for example. If you want to take part, please register here–the number of participants is limited.

Doors open at 3:30pm, the workshops start at 4pm. Please register for our Werkstatt day here.


Check out the complete programme of the weekly topic “Über:Leben” here. Follow the live stream here.