Maschallah!—The winner podcast of our contest "Originals gesucht"

Maschallah! is the winner podcast of the competition "Originals gesucht", that we launched together with Deezer at #rp19 to promote previously unpublished new podcast ideas and formats.The podcast about Muslim life by Merve Kayikci aka @primamuslima and the author Katrin Rönicke is now available online.

Winner and participants of re:publica 2019 Deezer Podcast Contest
Awards show of our podcast contest organised with Deezer at #rp19

In six episodes, the authors talk with their guests about prejudices and stereotypes regarding Muslims and Islam. The diverse stories shed light on the different ways of life of the Islamic culture and show various positions and opinions within the Muslim community as a part of our diverse society.

Around four million Muslims are currently living in Germany and everyone has a different story to tell. They work in large companies or in the bakery next door. The podcast Maschallah! gives these people a voice and explores how they live, how they work, what they believe in, what worries they have and what gives them hope.

The first two Maschallah! episodes are available on Deezer since 3 November. Two more episodes each go live on 10 November and 17 November 2019.

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