This is you at #rpDUB

We applauded with you, discussed and exchanged ideas. We’re having a great time, thanks to you. We’d like to take the time to introduce four of our visitors. Thanks for visiting us at the #rpDUB:


Elisabetta, Louise and Saoirse (left to right) live and work in Dublin. They’re originally from France and work at the French embassy in Dublin. They themselves are also organisers of a digital event and came to take a look at the re:publica in Dublin.





Marcel is the director of a company in Berlin with a focus on digital innovation in the logistics sector. He told us that he does a lot of traveling within Europe. That’s why the re:publica in Dublin was of interest to him, allowing him to engage and exchange ideas in a more international space.





Annalise really traveled quite far to check out the re:publica: she flew in from Tennessee to follow the discussions at the #rpDUB. She’s interested in the current issues concerning the digital society and, above all, wants to meet new people and network.




Anton is Irish and already visited us at last year’s re:publica in Dublin. This is his hometown. He’s the director of Digital Rights Ireland and spends much of his time dealing with issues concerning data protection and digital rights – topics that we’ve also been dealing with here at #rpDUB.




We’re so happy that you could all be here.


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