Your Feedback on re:connecting EUROPE: More days, more speakers, more ...

re:publica continues its travels! We were in Dublin and Thessaloniki in autumn of 2017 and wanted to know what you thought of our first double edition of re:publica goes Europe. Although “only” 53 people took part in the survey, we’re always more than happy to get any and all feedback. Every suggestion helps us develop re:publica further and make it even better. Thanks so much for that!

Judging by the results of this small questionnaire, the visitors in Ireland and Greece were a little older than those in Berlin: about half (48%) were between 35 and 40 years old, were employed (50%) or freelance (23%). We were especially happy to see a comparatively high number of visitors who work in the educational sector (13.5%). Digital topics have long established themselves in today’s lesson plans. And both events also had the same gender balance as Berlin: just about half of all the visitors were women (48%). Yeah! 61% of those questioned had heard about the re:pulica events abroad from friends, acquaintances and colleagues, 50% via social media channels. A few of the visitors already knew re:publica from Berlin. We were still able to discover lots of new faces, as 86% had never attended before.

We’d obviously be really happy if even more visitors made their way to us. That’s why we were excited to see that, according to the survey, there was a large willingness to offer us more intensive support. The re:publica groundwork is now also beginning to expand in Dublin and Thessaloniki! There’s still room for improvement in the hands-on activities, like workshops and the catering waiting times (sorry Dublin!).

So, will we be seeing each other again next year? 82% of those questioned said “YES!” We’re in high gear, working passionately on the next #rp18 so that we can still convince the other 18%.

The survey results are available for you to download as a PDF. Unfortunately, the open-ended questions are not available. But you can be sure that we read all of your feedback and took it very much to heart. Of course, we’re also open to further suggestions, wishes and critique, outside of the surveys. Simply write us at info@re-publica.de.

See you soon!